Voting Information
We are working towards revising our bylaws to allow electronic voting thru our website. Many other HOA’s have successfully allowed this process as well. Let’s face it, the internet is relatively still a new thing, many bylaws were written long before the internet came to be.  We have a committee that is organizing these efforts and we have successfully tested the functionality of this feature which is already built-in to the tools offered from our website service company. In preparation for this we have already added SSL/TLS to our website for security and privacy. SSL/TLS will also allow us to offer other transactional options in the future that secure the transmission of data thru the internet.
There will be considerable cost saving in doing this which will save on postage, printing, and manual stuffing of envelopes. We will also be able to reach people that may not receive mail when they are traveling or living in a second home part of the year.
Please make sure you are registered on our HOA Website, we don’t use your information to sell to 3rd parties and you won’t receive any email for anything promotional or sales related. On rare occasion we use the email publisher to send reminder emails about upcoming events such as our annual meeting, social events and voting participation.
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